Yesterday's Performance

Yesterday's Performance

Yesterday's Performance is a daily snapshot of four key performance indicators from the previous day's sales.

Operators in the industry understand that ecommerce is a cyclical business. There are high seasons and low seasons but there is a weekly sales cycle as well. People shop online when they are in front computers, which tends to be during business hours on the weekdays. Sales volumes are high at the beginning of the work week and then tend to tail off through the weekend.

To truly understand how your business performed yesterday, you need to compare it to your average results for the same day of the week. Any Monday will look good compared against the Sunday before it. You need to know if Monday was a good Monday, not just a good day. That’s why MarginDriver compares your daily KPIs to the average results from the same day of the week from the previous four weeks.

The following example illustrates the method for calculating the comparison data set. This is the data set used to compare recent results in the Yesterday’s PerformanceLast Week’s Gross Profit Trend and Last Week’s Deficient Orders Trend on the MarginDriver dashboard.

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