Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators

The Key Performance Indicators panel of the Dashboard displays results for a selection of the most critical MarginDriver KPIs.

  1. Company Net Income/Loss - a company's gross profit minus its expenses for a specified time period (this metric is only available to user's who have connected their Quickbooks Online or Xero accounts to MarginDriver and opted to import their operating expenses from their general ledger (see General Ledger Setup and Integration for more)
  2. Discounts - reductions in the total revenue collected from the customer as a promotion or sale
  3. Fees & Allowancesthe sum of all fees incurred by the seller plus a user-defined estimated amount to cover returns and credits (allowances)
  4. Fees & Allowances Ratio - the percentage of total revenue accounted for by Fees & Allowances
  5. Gross Profit - profit earned by the seller on a transaction or a set of transactions; equal to product revenue plus Shipping Revenue, minus Product Cost, Shipping Cost and Fees & Allowances
  6. Gross Profit Margin - the percentage of Total Revenue earned as Gross Profit; equal to Gross Profit divided by Total Revenue
  7. Gross Profit Per Order - a running average of the Gross Profit earned per individual order
  8. Orders - individual sales transactions of one or more SKUs (products)
  9. Pre-Discount Product Markup - the product markup exclusive of any Discount provided to the customer which reduces the actual revenue collected
  10. Product Markup - product revenue divided by the product cost; equal to the multiple that the seller prices it’s products at over the its own cost
  11. Product Revenue - sales revenue derived from the sale of products only (excludes all other shipping and sales tax revenue)
  12. Refund Allowance - a running 30-day average of all refunds in the last month divided by the number of orders during that same time period (see Refund Analytics for more)
  13. Ship Date Delay - the average time lapsed between the date orders are placed by the customer and the date they are shipped by the seller
  14. Orders Refunded - the number of orders refunded in full or in part refunds in the specified period of time
  15. Total Refunds - the total currency value of all funds refunded in the specified period of time
  16. Total Revenuethe total revenue collected by the seller for an order – includes all product revenue, shipping revenue and/or sales tax revenue

User can filter these results using the following controls:

  1. Sales Channel - the Sales Channel dropdown menu allows users to filter their KPI results to view all channels, a single channel or custom selection of multiple channels
  2. Average or Total - the Average and Total radio buttons allow users to view their results as either absolute totals or or daily averages for the selected time period
  3. Custom Dates - KPI results are available for Yesterday, Month-to-Date (MTD), Last Month and any custom date range defined by the user using the calendar date selection tool

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