Gross Profit Statement

Gross Profit Statement

The MarginDriver Gross Profit Statement (GPS) is a monthly summary of the gross profit results for every order from every sales channel. It is essentially a monthly financial statement that accounting users can convert into journal entries and post to the general ledger.

By default, the Gross Profit Statement opens to display the year-to-date monthly results for the current year. Results from previous years can be accessed by choosing a different year from the dropdown menu.

Users can also toggle the GPS Detail Level to view the individual sales channel results (Expanded) or the summarized totals for the whole company (Collapsed).

The full Gross Profit Statement can be exported to a .xlsx file by clicking Export.

The financial results collected in the Gross Profit Statement are:


Product Revenue

Shipping Revenue

Total Revenue

Cost of Goods Sold

Product Cost of Goods Sold

Shipping Cost of Goods Sold

Total Cost of Goods Sold

Fees (an itemized list of the fees for each sales channel can also be seen for the entire month by clicking on the dropdown arrow)

Gross Profit

Total Gross Profit

                        Adjustments Made in User's GL to MD's GPS

Adjusted Gross Profit

The Adjustments Made in User's GL to MD's GPS value represents adjustments made to the user's gross profit results (as calculated by MarginDriver) in the the general ledger in the course of completing MarginDriver's Monthly Accounting Tasks). The Adjusted Gross Profit equals the original Total Gross Profit +/- the adjustment made in the general ledger. 

Net Profit Calculation

MarginDriver leverages its connections with Xero and Quickbooks Online to import operating costs and provide the user with a real-time estimate of their month-to-date net profit.

Just below the Adjusted Gross Profit line in the GPS under Operating Costs from User's GL is the option to import actual monthly operating costs from either Xero or Quickbooks Online. This option can be activated or deactivated by either clicking the Enable/Disable button on the page or choosing the Show (Enable) or Hide (Disable) options on the User Profile page. 

[This assumes either Xero or Quickbooks Online has already been integrated with the MarginDriver account. To complete an accounting integration, go to the Sales Channels and Integrations page and click on Add New Accounting Integration.]

Clicking Enable will import the actual monthly operating expenses for any given month on a contiuous basis. The user should only choose to import the monthly operating expenses once that month's accounting books have been closed. MarginDriver will then use the closed months' actual operating costs to estimate the operating costs for the current month up to the current date. All estimated operating expenses in the GPS are displayed in orange and the actual operating expenses are in black.

Actual (Estimated) Operating Costs - this value is the sum total of the operating costs imported from the general ledger for that month. Click the down arrow to reveal the full list of accounts that comprise the total operating costs.

Actual (Estimated) Net Income/-Loss - the user's net profit for the month after deducting the operating costs from the total gross profit and accounting for any Adjustments Made in User's GL to MD's GPS.

Additional Financial Information

The Additional Financial Information section displays relevant data that is not included in the journal entries that are passed to the user's general ledger.

Gross Profit Margin

            Revenue Per Day

            Average Order Value

            Gross Profit Per Day

            Orders Per Day

            Number of Refunds
            Refunds (Refunded $ Amount)

Balance Sheet Transactions

Capital (includes items like Amazon capital loans and/or loan payments that impact the user's Amazon A/R)

Inventory (includes items such as Amazon FBA inventory reimbursements that impact the user's Amazon A/R)

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