Dashboard KPI Graph

Dashboard KPI Graph

The Dashboard KPI Graph provides users with an extremely valuable tool - the ability to graph the history of any MarginDriver KPI for any sales channel(s) across any time period. A few quick selections will give users immediate feedback on where their business has been and where it's headed.

The KPI Graph has it's own sales channel selection menu and KPI selection menu. In addition, the results can be viewed as the Actual values or as 7-Day Moving Averages. The 7-Day Moving Average option takes into account the weekly ecommerce sales cycle. As has been discussed elsewhere, ecommerce sales volumes industry-wide vary by the day of the week. Mondays tend to be the highest volume days while weekends tend to be the lowest volume days. The 7-Day Moving Average option controls for this fluctuation by providing an average for the prior seven days. For example:

  1. ‚ÄčThe Actual results for Tuesday, August 7 will naturally only show the total results for the selected sales channel(s) on that date. By contrast, the 7-Day Moving Average results show the daily average for the selected sales channel(s) for the period of Wednesday, August 1 thru Tuesday, August 7. This gives the user a steady of view of the KPI trend over time without the volatile fluctuations due to the weekly sales cycle.

The KPI Graph offers two different methods for selecting the time horizon for the graph. There is a custom date selection tool that allows users to view any custom time period they desire. There are also a series of buttons down the right side of the graph that allow the user to quickly adjust the time horizon to one of a series of pre-defined time periods: 30 days; 60 days; 90 days; 6 months; 1 year; or 2 years.

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